About Viola Thomas, LCSW


Greetings, I am grateful you’re here and would like to share more information about my practice and clinical skills. I am a certified Clinical Social Worker with 10+ years of experience that allows me to address a variety of conditions to facilitate a better quality of life for my clients. Unknown to me at the time, my training started while completing my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavioural Biology at Emory University. Those years helped ignite my interest in the mysteries of the mind and led me to dive deeper into better understanding the human experience. I continued my training at the University of Michigan, School of Social Work where I obtained a Masters degree, specializing in Interpersonal Practice with Children and Youth.

Over the years, my clinical skills expanded and allowed me to better treat personal issues such as anxiety, depression, parenting skill development, trauma/PTSD, ADHD, anger management, conflict resolution and healthy relationship development. For example, I use solution focused therapy techniques to facilitate personal growth, mental clarity and spiritual wholeness in my clients. I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of treating the whole person through an holistic approach and will urge my clients to address concerns in the mental, physical and spiritual areas of their lives.

However, as no one case is the same, I am able to engage my diverse clientele by establishing healthy working relationships and implementing case specific strategies to support and meet their varying needs. Building and managing relationships is an essential function of my daily work, but I am also a trained assessor, able to provide diagnostic evaluations for both children and adults, as well as a trained case manager, able to advocate for my clients and offer community resources as needed.

My ultimate goal is to help you DemystiPHI (demystify) your life by Providing Helpful Information that offers clarity on your human experience and develops tools you can use to better navigate future life transitions and mental health conditions. In sum, I offer to stand with you on your journey of self-discovery to shed light unto critical aspects of your life- your biggest mysteries, your biggest regrets, your past and current traumas, the many questions about yourself that weigh on your mind- in order to help you grow, evolve and thrive.